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About Neurosoft Сompany

Neurosoft Сompany was founded in 29 January, 1992 by researches and scientists of two Ivanovo state higher education establishments: State Medical Academy and State Power University. It was the joint effort of electronics engineers, programmers and medical researchers that allowed Neurosoft to take rapidly the leading positions in the Russian market of diagnostic electrophysiological equipment. The policy of the company is to hold the competitive edge in electronic, software and medical technologies, develop high quality systems, and provide the Public Health Service with the latest scientific achievements.

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Neurosoft Сompany Advantages

Convenient Geographical Location

Neurosoft Сompany is located in Ivanovo city, which is about 300 km away from Moscow. Such close proximity to the capital allows to invite leading Russian experts as consultants, also solve supply problems promptly, and take an active part in all scientific conferences, exhibitions, symposiums. On the other hand, the company’s location in Ivanovo allows to reduce considerably overhead expenses, remuneration of labour and, thus, to maintain reasonable prices for equipment.

Excellent Personnel Training

Ivanovo ranks one of the first places among the cities of Russia in number of students per capita. There are two dozens of higher education establishments, including 7 state ones that have a high educational rating and at the least semi-centennial history. It gives the opportunity to recruit leading research engineers and most talented students. Nowadays a hundred of employees work for the company on a permanent basis. The company has the departments of marketing, R&D, software, manufacturing, finance, advertising, sales and transport. All, starting with the product development and finishing with its manufacture, sale, warranty service and after-warranty service is done by the company members’ efforts.

Close Relations with Leading Specialists and Research Institutions

Neurosoft Сompany is a collective member of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. During all the years of the company’s activity Neurosoft has established close and friendly relations with many leading medical centers and famous scientists. Among them are:

  • I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Electrophysiology Department (M. Ronkin, academician)
  • Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of Russian Academy of Medical Science, Neuromuscular Human Pathology Department, Moscow (L. Kasatkina, M.D.)
  • N.V. Skliphosovsky Scientific Research Institute, Moscow (L. Sumsky, M.D.)
  • Somnological Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow (Y. Levin, M.D.)
  • Institute of Neurology, Moscow (V. Gnezditsky, M.D.)
  • Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Ophthalmic Disease (Helmholtz) (A. Shamshinova, M.D.)
  • N.N. Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery, Moscow (G. Schekutjev, M.D.)
  • V.N. Gorodkov Research Institute of Maternity and Childhood, Ivanovo (L. Posiseeva, M.D.)
  • Russian Medical Military Academy, Saint-Petersburg (M. Odinak, M.D.)
  • State Medical Academy, Ivanovo (R. Shilyaev, M.D.)
  • Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Moscow (B. Leonov, academician, O. Boxer, academician)
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center in Star City (N. Filatov, colonel)
  • All-Russian Center of Disaster Medicine “Zaschita”, Moscow (V. Preobrazhensky, M.D.)
  • Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg (Y. Senkevich)
  • Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow (R. Baevsky, M.D.)
  • P.K. Anochin Institute of Normal Physiology, Moscow (K. Sudakov, academician)
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Association of Russia, Moscow (A. Trukhanov, president, Ph.D.)

High R&D Potential

All Neurosoft systems are developed and manufactured at the company’s own base. Since 1992 designers and electronic engineers have created 52 models of different medical systems. All the software for the produced equipment is the creative effort of the company’s high-skilled programmers. Every second sold product has been developed in the last two years, every third one – in the last four years. The company can develop new equipment according to the customer’s technical specification. For example: in 2000-2002 the company created and introduced into cosmonauts training a new system for transmitting of physiological information by the radio channel on demand of Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center. Neurosoft Сompany was awarded a diploma of Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center for effective cooperation on behalf of Russian and International cosmonautics.

Annually the special parachute training of cosmonaut candidates and specific training for surviving in different natural regions in case of the emergency landing is performed with the use of the physiological data transmission system by the radio channel developed by Neurosoft Сompany. Nowadays Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center uses digital systems for HRV analysis VNS-Micro, digital ECG systems Poly-Spectrum-12, digital RhEO system Rheo-Spectrum-3, digital psycho-physiological assessment system NS-PsychoTest, and digital EEG system Neuron-Spectrum-4/EP with the video EEG monitoring system. This equipment was used in cosmonauts training of ISS-3, ISS-5, ISS-7, ISS-8, ISS-9, ISS-11 (International Space Station).

Achievements in Telemedicine

Each digital system produced by the company can be used in telemedicine. It does not require any additional software (all the options are included into the basic software versions). Digital ECG systems of Poly-Spectrum series are embedded into telemedicine network “AMBULANCE” that covers most of Russian stations operating in Antarctica. A very big telemedicine project with the use of Neurosoft systems was put into health service of Tumentransgaz CLL of Gazprom JSC. This telemedicine network embraces more than 50 stations locating on more than 2000 km territory.

Planar Technology Application

In systems manufacturing Neurosoft applies the so-called planar technology, accepted worldwide for electronic components production. It allows achieving high reliability with extremely small overall dimensions of apparatus.

USB and Bluetooth Technologies Application

All the systems, produced by Neurosoft Сompany, use the USB interface for data exchange with the computer. Since 2005 year, the wireless Bluetooth technology appeared in the company arsenal. These modern technologies provide high speed of data transmission, convenience in connection and operation of devices.

Production Facilities

Almost all Neurosoft equipment is manufactured at the company’s production plant. This allows operative updating of the products. Delays in delivery are rare and caused by the lack of components at the warehouses of outside manufacturers. The production of high-tech electrodes for electroencephalography, electroretinography, rheoprostatography, rheoophthalmography, and others is well-organized.

Conformity to International Quality Control Standards

In 2001 Neurosoft Company certified the quality system according to GOST R ISO 9002-96 Russian standard.

In March 2004 the company passed the complete audit and got the certificates of quality management system conformance to International standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 13488:2001, and in April 2005 the certificate of conformance to International standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2003. The certification audit of the company was held by the one of the world-wide certification organizations EUROCAT (Germany).

From 2004 up to 2006 Neurosoft Company got the right to put the CE mark on EEG and EP systems, EMG and EP systems, ECG systems, OAE and EP systems and magnetic stimulators.

High quality of production is confirmed by different competitions results. In 2002 multifunctional Neuro-MEP EMG and EP system became the laureate of the competition A Hundred Best Goods of Russia, and in 2003 Neuron-Spectrum EEG and EP system was awarded a diploma in this competition.

Regional Distributors

There are organizations in almost every big Russian city that have partner relations with Neurosoft Company, deliver its equipment and provide warranty service. The company has permanent distributors not only in Russia but also abroad: in Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and EC countries.

Quality Service

The company guarantees two-year warranty service for each system. The experienced technical experts of the company repair and carry out after-sales service of the equipment in short time. All the customers obtain the life-long right to receive software updates free of charge. The latest software updates are always available on the company’s Internet server.

Training Center

The company provides the training of the specialists from all the organizations acquired Neurosoft digital systems. Training is conducted by the leading doctors of Ivanovo Regional Clinic Neurocenter and Regional Cardiological Center.

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